Zyvax® TakeOff™ Release Agent

Certified for manual and spray-on application: IPS 12-02-002-03_2023-02.
Chem-Trend Zyvax® TakeOff™ Release Agent

Propelling the next generation of sustainable aerospace part manufacturing.

Water-based. Low VOC. Semi-permanent.

Zyvax® TakeOff™ is a revolutionary product specifically formulated to work on extremely large epoxy moulded parts in aircraft application. This release agent is the answer to more sustainable and more efficient advanced aircraft composite moulding. Quicker, cleaner, and certified for manual and spray-on application – it’s a game-changing advantage for aerospace manufacturing production lines.

What is it?

Formulated exclusively for the aerospace industry, Zyvax® TakeOff™ is a water-based release agent that provides minimal transfer, high-temperature stability, and high-abrasion resistance. Capableof multiple releases, Zyvax® TakeOff™ cures rapidly and is specifically created for extremely large epoxy moulding parts. This dry, non-slip product is highly suitable for the pre-preg and Automated Tape Laying (ATL) process. It’s been certified with IPS 12-02-002-03_2023-02 by a renowned manufacturer for epoxy application.

What does it solve?

Zyvax® TakeOff™ enables the use of lightweight thermoset and thermoplastic composites in aircraft bodywork and components. Water-based and semi-permanent, it’s suitable for all resin systems in advanced composite moulding. Another distinct advantage is that it can be applied to moulds at varying temperatures, reducing downtime required for mould cooling compared to solvent-based products. Its very low transfer rate also significantly reduces the post-mould cleaning process.

How will it improve your process?

  • Reduces downtime required for mould cooling
  • Decreases the post-mould cleaning process due to low transfer rate
  • Requires a minimal number of coats and dries quickly
  • Can be applied to moulds at varying temperatures
  • Rarely requires sealer when used on high-quality invar steel mould surfaces
  • Designed to keep moulds and tools in peak condition
  • Exceeds the most demanding environmental safety requirements
  • Provides a more pleasant plant environment for employees

Zyvax® TakeOff™ is suitable for all resin systems.

Certified for Aerospace application: IPS 12-02-002-03_2023-02

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