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Release agents are an integral part of many manufacturing processes. Specialty release agents can help you enhance productivity, extend tool/die/mold life, increase cycle times, improve part/surface quality, and reduce scrap and defect rates, along with many other potential benefits.

We work closely with you and your team to find the precise release agents to improve your processes.

Conventional Release Agents

We offer a broad portfolio of conventional (apply-every-cycle) mold release agents to meet the needs of our customers. Our conventional (sacrificial) mold release agents are:

  • Available water-based or solvent-based
  • Formulated as ready-to-use or dilutable, depending on the application
  • Suitable for multiple types of spray equipment
  • Capable of “tailored” dilution rates, depending upon the application and amount of slip required
  • Excellent for molded parts with very complex geometry
  • Exceptionally low in in-mold buildup/mold fouling

Semi-Permanent Release Agents

You can leverage a number of potential advantages with today’s highly sophisticated water-based or solvent-based semi-permanent mold release agent technologies. Semi-permanent mold release technology has provided industries with a viable alternative to the traditional “shop-spray” or high-volume, apply-every-cycle release agent. Our customers have experienced:

  • More mold releases between applications than conventional release solutions
  • More molding cycles attained per working shift
  • Small amount of product needed per application, contributing to a cleaner working environment with fewer storage needs
  • Reduction in overall scrap
  • Molds can remain in production for extended periods of time due to the protection properties provided
  • Supports production of complex part/mold structures due to ease in application exactness
  • Molded parts retain consistently good cosmetic appearance

Silicone-Free Release Agents

Always on the cusp on innovation and sustainability, Chem-Trend has developed a robust range of release agents that do not utilize silicone. Silicone-free release agents provide a number of benefits:

  • Reduce oily residue, allowing for easier painting and coating post-release
  • Reduce contamination risk and remove costly steps from the manufacturing processes
  • Provide for the removal of costly and time-consuming steps in the manufacturing process of many components, thus increasing productivity and lowering your operational cost

Why should you choose Chem-Trend release agents?

True value

Chem-Trend | Fallstudie | Case Study

Creating value for you, our customer, is our focus. Formulated to optimize your daily operations, our industry-leading line of release agents includes water-based and solvent-based products as well as silicone and silicone-free products in semi-permanent or apply-every-cycle products. Our solutions can help you overcome costly manufacturing challenges — and leveraging the power that release agents offer to improve operational efficiencies and product quality.

Maximized productivity

Chem-Trend | Fallstudie | Case Study

Chem-Trend offers a wide variety of release agent options suited to address your specific needs and maximize your results. Every molding process is unique in some way, and optimal release requires unique solutions. Our team of localized experts takes a hands-on approach, working with you to identify all areas of potential improvement. Our research and development team then designs individualized solutions for your operation.

Proven sustainability

Many of our customers are working diligently to make their operations more sustainable. They choose Chem-Trend because we’ve been focused on minimizing the environmental impact of our products since we began. We developed the first commercially viable water-based die lubricant in the 1960s, which had an immensely positive impact on the health and safety aspects of die cast facilities by removing the use of graphite and/or solvents in the die lubricants that were widely used at that time. Continual efforts extend to a variety of other environmental impact concerns, including the use of VOCs in solvent-based mold release agents. Today Chem-Trend leads the industry in the development of innovative solutions.


Chem-Trend and Imerys Metalcasting Solutions

Chem-Trend and Imerys Metalcasting Solutions pool their development expertise for sand foundries.

A co-operation with added value

The partnership between Chem-Trend and Imerys Metalcasting Solutions offers the global market an innovative premium product portfolio of chemical specialities for sand
casting. This cooperation provides customers with a comprehensive, well-engineered product range for the production of high-quality sand moulds and cores from a single

Chem-Trend release agents and moulding process aids transforms rotational moulding

Mono-Coat® release agents and moulding aids such as Chem-Trend® Flow Promoter products provide value-adding solutions that improve rotational moulding manufacturing.

Chem-Trend® SL-6XXXX Release Agent Series

Chem-Trend developed the first effective water-based release agent (die lubricant) over fifty years ago. Since then, Chem-Trend’s continual innovation steadily evolved our product line setting new standards in the die casting industry. The Chem-Trend® SL-6XXXX release agent series offers a comprehensive product range for the requirements of the processing industry and facilitates a demonstrable improvement in diverse associated procedures.

Lusin® Catalogue: Mould Maintenance Products and Release Agents

Our Lusin® mould maintenance and release agent solutions deliver the best possible support to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the production process. As a complete system, our Lusin® maintenance products complement each other ideally. Regular maintenance routines with our Lusin® mould cleaners & degreasers, mould protectants and lubricants ensure the best possible care and maintenance of your tools.

Online Catalogue

FAQs: Release agents for thermoplastics processing

What are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone-free release agents compared to those containing silicone? You can find the answers to these and even more questions in our FAQs.

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