SprayIQ™ technology measures the amount of release agent applied per spray cycle. As soon as the spraying begins, you’ll know your volume and when your threshold has been reached.

Big steps for the environment by reducing the ecological footprint

Reduction of production waste

Discover the path to a smaller ecological footprint in our German production plant and find out how we want to achieve our goal by 2025: Minimise production waste to just 4% of the total production volume.

Chem-Trend’s History

At our heart, we’ve always been a problem-solving company. From our humble beginnings as a kitchen-sink operation to our global expansion, finding new ways to help you improve your operation is our purpose.

Proper spray application of release agent in polyurethane moulding processes

Tutorial number 5 – polyurethane application: The video demonstrates how to properly apply a release agent to a mould prior to the start up of a polyurethane moulding process.

Improper spray application of release agents in polyurethane moulding processes

Tutorial number 4 – polyurethane application: The video demonstrates what mistakes can be done when applying a release agent to a mould prior to the startup of a polyurethane moulding process.

Spray equipment and testing in polyurethane moulding processes

Tutorial number 3 – polyurethane application: The video explains what kind of spray equipment is available for mould release agent application of polyurethane foam manufacturing. It demonstrates what should be considered when adjusting and using the spray equipment to assure best application practices.

Application of Chem-Trend® mould sealers and paste waxes in polyurethane moulding processes

Tutorial number 2 – polyurethane application: The video demonstrates the different methods to prepare the mould before startup of production by use of paste wax or sealer.

Application of Chem-Trend® mould cleaners in polyurethane moulding processes

Tutorial number 1 – polyurethane application: The video demonstrates how to properly clean a mould with the help of some tools and a highly efficienct Chem-Trend Mould Cleaner.

High Pressure Injection Molding for Polyurethane Moulding

The capability to simulate real production conditions of polyurethane molding is critical in engineering industry-leading release agents. Evaluating and improving our mold release agents helps our customers perform at their highest efficiency, quality, and sustainability. Watch the video to see the high pressure injection molding system in action.

Ultra Purge™ 3615 Purging Compound

The Chem-Trend Ultra Purge™ 3615 purging compound is designed for fast residue free cleaning and easy screw pulls. Users benefit from considerably less scrap, more consistent process quality finally resulting in higher production efficiency.

Our R&D team is committed to deliver solutions that make your production process as efficient and simple as possible.

Chem-Trend’s experienced R&D team continuously works to develop advanced release agents, purging compounds, and mold maintenance products that allow thermoplastic processors to improve product quality, and reduce downtime and scrap rate.

To see our Germany-based facility and learn about our process, watch the video.

Chem-Trend Enables Manufacturing

Release Agents are Part of Everyday Life.

The Problem of Black Spots

We all know the problem…the problem of black spots. When it comes to processing plastics, they lead to challenges, reduce productivity and increase the defects in your products.

Go with the Flow

Just as there is a perfect top for every pot, there is a right purge compound to fit the Melt Flow Index (MFI) of your caps and closure production. Chem-Trend’s Ultra Purge™ brand of purging compounds are formulated to address the challenges of MFI issues and can help you find the right purge to meet the different requirements of your production process.

Ultra Purge™ Ultra-X™ – Purging As Easy As Child’s Play

Ultra Purge™ brand purging compounds with the Ultra-X™ technology make purging of screw, cylinder and hot runner as easy as child’s play. Purging is done in three steps and is suitable for polyolefins and technical polymers.

A World of Colors

Chem-Trend’s Ultra Purge™ brand of high-performance purging compounds and Lusin® mould maintenance products deliver high-performance solutions for thermoplastics processors. It’s time…make the change for your operation!

Ultra Purge™: Purging the Injection Moulding Machine Screw and Barrel

Learn how to prepare and fill purging compounds for purging the screw and barrel in thermoplastics processing. Get the right technique for using purging compounds for smooth operations.

Ultra Purge™: Purging via Part Production

Learn how to use production of parts as a means of purging your injection molding machine. Get the right technique for preparing and filling purging compounds for smooth operations.

Viscosity / Melt Flow Index (MFI) of Purging Compounds

Learn about the viscosity/Melt Flow Index (MFI) of purging compounds used in thermoplastics operations.

Lusin®: Clean and Degrease a Disassembled Mould

Learn how to properly clean, degrease lubricate and protect a disassembled mould. Get the right technique for applying Chem-Trend’s Lusin® mould maintenance products for smooth operations.

Lusin®: Clean, Lubricate, Release, Protect

Learn how to properly care for a built-in mold. Get the right technique for applying Chem-Trend’s Lusin® portfolio of products to clean, lubricate, release and protect for smooth operations.

Lusin®: Degrease a Built-In Mould

Learn how to properly care for a built-in mold. Get the right technique for applying Chem-Trend’s Lusin® degreaser to clean wax- or oil-based products from your injection moulding machine for smooth operations.

Lost and Found

Did you lose something? Lost money due to increased downtime, increased scrap rates, reduced quality, reduced productivity? Let Ultra Purge™ highly efficient purging compounds, brought to you by Chem-Trend, help you find it again with greater operational efficiency and increased profitability.

Chem-Trend’s semi-permanent release agent used in fully automated rubber-to-metal moulding process

Side by side with our customers towards Industry 4.0 – Rubber Injection Moulding

HERA™ High Efficiency Release Agent for micro-spray application in die casting

Why change from a traditional die lube to a high efficiency release agent?

Preform coating system (PCS)

In-line solution installed right after the injection moulding machine with by-pass option

The Preform Coating System was developed in cooperation with BONINO GROUP and Steidle. It is an in-line solution that addresses core problems such as poor coverage and unwanted materials entering the preforms as well as scratches, jamming, loss of bottle definition and high shipping costs. Watch the video about this available plug-and-play technology solution.

Why Purge Compounds?

A Chem-Trend purging compound can purge all of your biggest frustrations and keep you moving forward. When compared to traditional cleaning methods, our purging products provide better cleaning, prevent unwanted stoppages, and save you money.

Zyvax® 1070W Release Agent Application Techniques

This informational video highlights the proper ways to utilize our revolutionary aerospace composites moulding release agent, Zyvax® 1070W.

Value, Performance, Dependability

We touch the products that touch your life.

Where innovation meets manufacturing and performance, you’ll find Chem-Trend.

An Agent of Change

A breakthrough that will forever change moulding, Chem-Trend’s new Zyvax® 1070W release agent will revolutionize the way you see composite moulding. Clean moulds, clean parts, clean air…upgrade to Chem-Trend.

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