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Chem-Trend (Deutschland) GmbH

World Leader in Release Agents and Purging Compounds.

Chem-Trend is the most proven partner in the world for release agents, purging compounds, and other process chemical specialties. Using a customer-centric approach and deep research and development, we are here to help you become more efficient. More productive. And more sustainable.

Innovating Together.

Since our founding, Chem-Trend has been focused on a better way. With R&D facilities around the world, we are improving the future of manufacturing.


Discover how innovative strategies are significantly reducing our environmental footprint and paving the way for a more sustainable future. We invite you to take a look at the Chem-Trend plant in Norderstedt, where our colleagues will show you that sustainability is not just a concept, but a practice that improves every aspect of production.

Reduction of production waste


Reducing water consumption



Chem-Trend (Deutschland) GmbH
European Headquarters
Ganghoferstr. 47
82216 Maisach Gernlinden


Chem-Trend (Deutschland) GmbH
Werk Norderstedt
Robert-Koch-Str. 27
22851 Norderstedt

Countries served: Austria, Cyprus, Eastern Europe, Germany, Greece, Nordic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, most of Middle East and Northern Africa


May 22, 2024

Reduce Downtime and Scrap in the Blown Film Industry

The blown film sector now benefits from a tailored solution developed by Chem-Trend to preserve integrity of the bubble.
May 16, 2024

Chem-Trend at DKT 2024: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in Rubber Processing

• Highlighting 20 years of experience, Clemens Jäger will present on sustainable rubber release agents at DKT 2024, emphasizing Chem-Trend’s PFAS-free portfolio. • Innovative In-Press Mould Cleaner (IPMC) offers a simple, four-step cleaning process, enhancing production efficiency and reducing downtime. • Visit Chem-Trend at booth 9-537 to discuss advancements in sustainable and efficient release and mould cleaning solutions
March 25, 2024

Chem-Trend Builds on Legacy and Enters a New Era of Innovation with John Lundin as President and CEO

Chem-Trend, a company of the Freudenberg Chemical Specialities Group and a global leader in the development of high-quality release agents, purging compounds, and other process chemicals and additives, has announced the appointment of their new President and CEO, John Lundin. The former Vice President and General Manager - North America who has been with Chem-Trend since 2002, Lundin steps in for retiring CEO Devanir Moraes.

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A brand of Freudenberg.
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