Zyvax® 1070W EU Release Agent

Certified for Aerospace application: BM310A0001 Issue B.
Chem-Trend Zyvax® 1070W Release Agent of Change
How to apply Zyvax® 1070W EU Release Agent (10 min. video).
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Moulding composites parts in the aerospace industry will change forever.

Water-based. Silicone-free.

Chem-Trend’s new Zyvax® 1070W EU release agent will change the way you see composite moulding: it provides for cleaner moulds, cleaner parts, cleaner air.

What is it?

Zyvax® 1070W EU is a silicone-free, water-based release agent specifically formulated to meet the high performance requirements of the aerospace industry. It is suitable for use with all tooling types and molding processes used in the fabrication of advanced composite and metal bonded structures.

What does it solve?

This product is recommended for applications requiring post-mould operations such as non-destructive inspection, secondary bonding and painting. The product also has a unique tack property to aid in layup of prepregs and surface plys used in hand layup and automated tape laying / fiber placement processes. When applied properly, this product can help minimize build-up and keep tools clean through multiple moulding cycles.

How will it improve your process?

  • Reduce tool prep time from hours to minutes
  • Easy tool cleanup
  • Silicone-free release agent
  • Water-based technology 


Certified for Aerospace application: BM310A0001 Issue B

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