Video on release agent application in fully automated rubber-to-metal moulding process.

Chem-Trend supports the modern development of Industry 4.0 applications with our advanced release agent technologies and the advice of our experienced rubber specialists. As manufacturers move from manual to automated applications, they will find the expertise and reliability needed for a seamless transition at Chem-Trend. Our portfolio of semi-permanent release agents helps our customers increase productivity and efficiency, while also contributing to higher levels of sustainability.

Watch our new video on the use of one of our semi-permanent release agents in a fully automated injection moulding process for the production of rubber-to-metal parts:
Industry 4.0

Release Agents and Mould Protectors for the Rubber Processing Industry

The rubber industry has its own unique release agent challenges, all of which we help provide game-changing solutions for. We work alongside our customers to ensure these challenges are transformed into competitive advantages.

Chem-Trend is a global leader in providing release agents and related moulding process aids for use in a wide range of rubber moulding applications. With decades of proven experience in helping the world’s top rubber manufacturers, we have helped provide greater efficiency, higher-quality products, lower downtime, reduced scrap rates, and more predictability, as well as greater leaps in innovation. We serve rubber manufacturers in a number of ways:


Semi-permanent Release Agents for Rubber Moulding

Semi-permanent release agents are state-of-the-art and provide the rubber moulding industry with an alternative to the traditional “shop-spray” or high-volume, apply-every-cure release agent. Chem-Trend has been developing these types of products for the rubber industry for nearly four decades now, and we provide them in either solvent- or water-based varieties. Our Mono-Coat® mould protectants and primers further enhance rubber and rotational moulding operations by extending mould life and improving the operational efficiency of moulds. Mono-Coat® anti-static agents and flange releases help improve part quality and molding efficiency in rotational moulding operations.

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Watch our video:
Industry 4.0


Chem-Trend’s semi-permanent release agent used in fully automated rubber-to-metal moulding process

Side by side with our customers towards Industry 4.0 – Rubber Injection Moulding


It’s a dirty job, but JIG buildup is no match for Chem-Trend® PM‑J5525W Release Agent

The new Chem-Trend® PM-J5525W release agent enables the easy removal of residue and dirt from JIGs.

Due to the use of bonding agents and primers during the production process of rubber-to-metal products, JIGs can become very dirty. Residue and dirt build-up from bonding agents are difficult to remove. The application of Chem-Trend® PM-J5525W release agent prior to production start allows for significantly reducing the cleaning time of JIGs after production stop. Cleaning with solvents or via sand-blasting becomes unnecessary.

Explore the interactive digital flyer about Chem-Trend® PM‑J5525W Release Agent.

Conventional Release Agents for Rubber Moulding

In situations when semi-permanent release agents don’t work, we offer conventional mould release products. In fact, we continue to focus a significant amount of energy on the development of new products applicable to this specific section of the rubber industry. These conventional needs include situations with moulds featuring complicated cavities, and those that may require unacceptable over-application of the product to the areas that are easy to reach.

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Mould Protectors for Rubber Moulding

Moulds often represent a significant investment in moulding operations. These tools are a key element in the operation, as they are directly related to efficiency, scrap rates, part quality, downtime, and operational costs. Keeping the moulds clean and productive is of critical concern to a profitable operation. Chem-Trend understands the importance of maintaining moulds in good working condition and has developed a line of high-quality mould protectants.

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Mandrel Lubricants

Chem-Trend® mandrel lubricants are designed to provide lubrication for formed hoses made on rigid steel or aluminum mandrels, and to create a film that offers a slippery surface for straight but flexible hoses that are made on long-length nylon or rubber mandrels.

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To learn more about how we have developed advanced products to address the specific challenges found in rubber manufacturing, contact us today.

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