Water-based cleaning for die lubricant leading dilution systems of die casters

System cleaning as a regular maintenance routine and before longer downtimes
Water-based cleaning of die lubricant leading systems for die casters: Chem-TRend® DC-90 cleaner

A coordinated die casting process includes test systems and central or decentralised systems through which the die lubricant is fed. To get the most out of your release agents, these are key components where regular system cleaning is recommended as part of a preventive maintenance program.


Feed lines and spray systems can gradually become clogged with dissolved minerals and biological impurities from the dilution water. A good opportunity for thorough cleaning occurs during longer shutdown time – for example, during holidays.

Chem-Trend® DC-456 can help you with the regular maintenance routine and cleaning of your die lubricant leading system.
Chem-Trend® DC-456
A brand of Freudenberg.
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