Chem-Trend® DC-456

Water-based cleaner formulated for the thorough cleaning of the central and individual dilution system
Chem-Trend® DC-90 Cleaner for central and decentral die cast system

Chem-Trend® DC-456 reconditions and cleanses your dilution system for a bright start-up.


Microbiological contamination is a reality and challenge for many in the die casting industry. Under certain circumstances, microorganisms such as fungi, yeasts or bacteria can contaminate release agents within the central and individual dilution systems. This contamination may degrade organic components of diluted lubricant systems leading to deposits and clogged spray nozzles, which may reduce the effectiveness of release agents.

To combat this, Chem-Trend recommends the implementation of a regular cleaning and maintenance routine.

What is it?

Chem-Trend® DC-456 is a highly effective cleaning technology that is designed to eliminate contamination as well as build up of residues, resulting in reliably smooth die casting processes.

What does it solve?

Chem-Trend® DC-456 is formulated specifically for the die casting industry. It is designed to cleanse the entire central and decentral system thereby removing and eliminating typical residues that buildup in pipes, accumulator tanks, dilution tanks, and spray nozzles throughout the year.

How will it improve your process?

  • Provides excellent cleaning performance over a wide variety of dilutions;
  • Concentrated formula allows for economical-use dilutions;
  • Easily diluted and mixed;
  • Excellent rinses away;
  • Works in a wide variety of water temperatures;
  • Effective on a wide variety of substrates and soils.
Contact us to find out how you can revamp your die lubricants leading system in 10 easy steps with the water-based cleaner Chem-Trend® DC-456. We look forward to hearing from you.
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