Chem-Trend® SL-6XXXX Die Lubricant for Die Casters

Easy to clean casting parts, suitable for use in heat treatment applications, CDC-compatible, easy post-processing such as seal or structural bonding

The Chem-Trend® SL-6XXXX release agent series offers a comprehensive product range for the requirements of the processing industry and facilitates a demonstrable improvement in diverse associated procedures.

Advantages of Chem-Trend® SL-6XXXX die lubricants (release agents)

  • Better adhesion of release agent film over a wider temperature range and higher mould temperatures
  • Quicker development of optimal release agent film
  • Improved protection from metal adhesions in casting tool (solder)
  • Excellent demoulding of high-quality casting parts
  • Less porosity resulting from trapped gas
  • Improved protection of moulds, tools and machines against corrosion
  • Suitability for die casting parts with very small dimensional tolerances
Bio Inhibiting Technology BIT™ – A formula against microbiological problems

Microbiological contamination impairs the effectiveness of release agents and results in contamination of spray heads, lines, moulds, etc.

To combat this, Chem-Trend has developed a highly effective technology that is designed to negate some of the impact of the bio-activity, thereby effectively preventing contamination or formation of slime. Die lubricants with BIT™ technology help die casters to keep any microbiological problems in check, resulting in reliably smooth die casting processes.

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