Shutdown Material

What it is:

A shutdown material is used when the machine is stopped for idling, complete shutdown occurs, or for a period of time in which a standard polymer will not perform adequately. A standard polymer can generate degraded residues, and restarting the machine can occur with an increased number of residues and defects.


Stopping the machine by using a regular polymer as a shutdown material can create long residential times. A polymer is then subjected to a standstill that facilitates heat stress and lengthy oxidation. As a result, polymer degradation occurs. In addition, heat stress and shutdown material is directly correlated with the size of the machine. When a large machine’s heaters are shut down to reach room temperature, material shrinkage pulls all residues from the barrel’s surface. This is a primary cause of large residue buildup that complicates machine restarts.


The right purging compound will reduce the negative outcome of shutdowns. A heat-stable purging compound can combine the effects of cleaning with improved resistance against degradation and oxidation.

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