Recyclable Purge Solution that Keeps the Bubble Up During Color Changes

Achieve a 50-75% Reduction in Downtime*


Blown film extruders can achieve a 50-75% reduction in downtime* with our Ultra Purge™ C1851 innovative purging additive.


  • No need to change screen packs – no mineral fillers.
  • No need to collapse the bubble.
  • Reduce downtime during color changes by 50 to 75%.
  • No changes in machine parameter while purging.
  • Extremely effective with low dosing ratio (2-5%).
  • Compatible with all polymers used in blown film.



  • A true achievement in chemical purge technology – fully recyclable!
  • All scrap can be reused and reprocessed for closed loop recycling
  • No more disposing of material waste!
  • Health and safety is improved by avoiding screen pack changes
What can Ultra Purge™ do for your equipment?
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Game-changing results for blown film operations.

At Chem-Trend, we are agents of change. And Ultra Purge™ C1851 is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for. Fast? Easy? Simple? Solved.

We are a proven innovator and performance solutions finder. Together with you as our thermoplastics processing partner, we’ll drive incredible results for your operation through advanced purging technology strengthened by unrivaled industry expertise. We deliver customized solutions better than anyone else, and, in turn, we help you deliver better than anyone else with ground-breaking efficiency and cost-saving consistency.

Reduce Downtime 50-75%*
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*compared with regular resin or traditional purging

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