Our R&D team is committed to deliver solutions that make your production process as efficient and simple as possible.

Chem Trend is committed to helping thermoplastics processors become more competitive by improving production efficiency, productivity, and quality. Our high performing release agents, mold maintenance products, and purging solutions are easy-to-use and designed specifically for use in injection molding machines, including hot runner applications, and extrusion applications, without accumulators.

Our highly qualified team of chemists and technicians operating the R&D center leverage a fully-equipped analytical and application laboratory to simulate and replicate our customers’ processes. Using state-of-the-art injection molding and extrusion machines, we are able to develop and deliver tailored-fit solutions that drive value for our customers’ thermoplastics operations.

Get an insider’s view of the lab where it all happens in this first-ever video tour of Chem-Trend’s global R&D laboratory and technical center in Maisach, Germany.

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