Digitalization to Enhance Control and Sustainability by Delivering Data

DilutionIQ™ and SprayIQ™ allow access to real-time application data
Digitalization to enhance control and sustainability by delivering data


Chem-Trend’s industrial release agents are often sold as concentrates to minimize freight expenses and reduce environmental impact. However, customers are then responsible for ensuring precise dilution ratios, which can range from 1:1 to 120:1. This task can be particularly challenging for customers whose primary expertise lies outside fluid handling.

Innovative solutions like SprayIQ™ and DilutionIQ™ provide accurate measurements, enabling customers to optimize dilution and spray applications. By reducing waste and emissions, these digital systems contribute to sustainability efforts. Chem-Trend’s commitment to digitalization benefits both the company and its customers, ensuring precise and efficient release agent usage.


A lot of customers have a time-consuming process of collecting and testing dilution samples. Waiting for those test results leads to downtime, delays and even damage to machines.

The digital solution DilutionIQ™ eliminates efforts from manual sampling and provides greater accuracy by eliminating false readings and hard-to-interpret calibration charts.

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The SprayIQ™ offers precise spray measurement, instant operator feedback, and visibility into spray application data for process engineers and line supervisors. The system’s hardware and software are fine-tuned for flow measurement in standard release agent applications.

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