Release Agents Chemlease® 5127 & Chemlease® 5128 for FRP Applications

Release Agents Chemlease® 5127 & Chemlease® 5128 for FRP Applications
The best value products for the efficient moulding of FRP parts.

New challenges require new solutions.

The new normal: In times like these, reduced demand has induced even higher demands for cost efficiency in production lines. Rely on the renowned brand Chemlease® from Chem-Trend to add value to your bottom line.

Chem-Trend’s new release agents Chemlease® 5127 and Chemlease® 5128 are modern and cost-effective products that will allow you to meet today’s and future requirements of the new normal.

Chemlease® sacrificial release agents do not sacrifice on part quality.

Chemlease® 5127 and Chemlease® 5128 are solvent based, general purpose release agents that combine proven technology with ease of application thereby offering a very positive impact on operational efficiency.  Both products are sacrificial and particularly effective in moulding fibre-reinforced plastics. Chemlease® 5127 is an excellent choice for the moulding of epoxy resin, and Chemlease 5128® is highly suitable for polyester mouldings as well as for producing gel and non-gel coated parts.

Where to use Chemlease® 5127 and Chemlease® 5128.

Chemlease® 5127 and Chemlease® 5128, a softer wax and harder wax respectively, are best used in small batch moulding processes for commercial vehicle components and aquatic products such as boats, pools, bathtubs and shower trays. Additional areas are Home Building / Architecture for various designs of facade panels.

Chemlease® 5127 and Chemlease® 5128 can help promote wet adhesion of gel coat, which reduces defects from fish eye formation and pre-release. Where a high gloss level is desired by subsequent polishing, Chemlease® 5128 as the harder wax is the product of choice.

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