Chemlease® 2754W Release Agent

Chemlease 2754 release agent suceeds Chemlease 2191W
Minimal transfer, high-temperature stability, multiple releases.

Chemlease® 2754W succeeds renowned Chemlease® 2191W.

The Chemlease® 2754W release agent can be applied to moulds with varying temperatures. It is not necessary to let the mould cool down as is sometimes needed when using a conventional solvent-based release agent. Therefore, switching to a water-based release agent adds value to the production efficiency by reducing down times and costs. Chemlease® 2754W is a ready-to-use water-based release agent developed to be sprayed or wiped onto the mould.

Chemlease® 2754W saves time and money.

In contrast to conventional mould release agents, Chemlease® 2754W comes as a semi-permanent release agent allowing for multiple releases after each application. In addition, thanks to its lower application rate and water-based formula, the working environment is cleaner and healthier.

Chemlease® 2754W covers a wide array of processes and materials.

Whether you use thermoset prepreg or thermoplastic semipregs, Chemlease® 2754W is suitable for many materials. In particular, Chemlease® 2754W is well suited for advanced composites and high-performance components that are usually made of carbon fibers and resilient resin systems. It can easily be used in BMC, SMC, infusion, autoclaving, prepreg, and compression moulding while providing only minimal transfer to the finished product.

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