3 Steps for Working with Chem-Trend® Products in Polyurethane Moulding

Chem-Trend understands that improper application of mould release agent and ancillaries can cause parts to stick, air to be trapped and foam surfaces to collapse. These problems create mould buildup and increase scrap rates. As the leading partner in mould release agents we are here to help.

1 - Clean your mould.

Thoroughly clean the mould with a Chem-Trend® mould cleaner to remove any previous release agent or buildup.

Wipe off the residues with a clean cloth or towel. Then wipe with a clean solvent and let dry.

2 - Apply Chem-Trend® release agent.

Chem-Trend provides release agents that can be applied differently. Check the PDS for further details.

Here are some overall recommendations.

  • Mix release agent properly prior to usage to obtain a homogeneous product.
  • Application with cotton cloth or brush: Evenly apply on all areas of the mould.
  • Application with spray equipment: Hold spray tip 15 – 20 cm from mould surface and apply evenly and crosswise.

3 - Allow film to dry on the mould surface.

It’s important to allow the carrier to evaporate in order to have a dry mould surface before foaming.

Application Video Tutorials

Our application videos help you understand application of Chem-Trend® products for polyurethane moulding processes.

Tutorial #1: Mould Cleaning
Tutorial #2: Mould preparation
Tutorial #3: Spray Equipment and Testing
Tutorial #4: Wrong Spray Application of Release Agent
Tutorial #5: Proper Spray Application of Release Agent

Proper application doesn’t guarantee productivity on its own, it must be combined with outstanding technology and service. Partnering with Chem-Trend’s CHEMPIONS means direct support and innovative solutions for all polyurethane moulding processes.

To learn more about how we have developed advanced products to address the specific challenges found in polyurethane manufacturing,

contact the CHEMPIONS today.


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