Ultra Purge™ C6090 purging compound for use in automotive headlamps and rear lamps manufacturing

New purging compound for PC and PMMA!
Ultra Purge C6090 for automotive headlamps and rear lamps

Turn two into one and get ready to streamline your production process.

Primarily used in the manufacture of automotive headlamps and rear-lamp lenses, this innovative product offers customers a single purging compound that minimizes quality issues and creates a more consistent, simple, and efficient processes.

What does Ultra Purge™ C6090 solve?

A solution that liquefies polycarbonates and doesn’t allow them to solidify during the temperature change process. This is primarily used for automotive headlamps and rear lamps. It’s one product that allows for a smooth transition between PC and PMMA.

What makes Ultra Purge™ C6090 innovative?

It allows for a PC processing temperature from 280°C to 320°C (536°F to 608°F) and for PMMA from 190°C to 270°C (374°F to 518°F).

What does Ultra Purge™ C6090 provide?

It’s one flexible solution to overcome a common industry issue – black specks – for those with one machine for both materials.

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