For manufacturers who help the power industry thrive, Chem-Trend provides the means to keep them moving confidently forward.


Our family of release systems and die lubricants delivers innovative solutions in the manufacture of products for wind and solar energy, oil and gas production, and electrical power distribution.

From large-scale wind turbine blades to die cast components for infrastructure, we take a consultative approach to find the exacting product or work alongside our customers to discover unseen opportunities. Improving quality, reducing waste, ensuring consistency, and helping our customers with their own Footprint. With a global reach and a local presence, we’re here to help and to serve.

We support the energy industry in the following ways:

Die casting of metal alloys for things such as

  • valves for oil and gas distribution.

Composites manufacturing for the creation of items such as:

  • blades,
  • nacelles, and
  • towers for wind turbines


The moulding of rubber and the production of rotationally moulded parts such as:

  • Electrical insulators for industrial transformers
  • Flotation buoys for oil risers


A brand of Freudenberg.
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