On track in sustainability – Reducing production waste

Torben Böhme and his team make Chem-Trend one step more sustainable


How can we make our production more sustainable? How can we sustainably reduce production waste?

Our employees are crucial to our business success. Our production engineer Torben Böhme achieved a great result at the Norderstedt site when he tackled the issue of reducing production waste. In this interview, he tells us how he was able to transform his challenging task into a reliable project and realise it with a dedicated, cross-divisional team.

A unique look behind the scenes of the production of Chem-Trend release agents, purge compounds and process aids for moulding.

Chem-Trend is characterised by personal responsibility, creative ideas and room for innovation. Sustainability is not just a task for us, but an integral part of our identity.

Find out more about this exciting project in the video.




SIX SIGMA is a widespread management strategy for lean processes. Certifications are awarded in various “combat classes”, i.e. belts, after successful completion of seminars and a completed project.

Chem-Trend promotes the development of employees and supported the production engineer Torben Böhme in the certification process, because the benefits of this certification are driving the whole company forward:

  • SIX SIGMA creates clear structures and framework conditions for the project to be highly efficient
  • The number-based approach quickly provides precise recommendations for action without any guessing involved
  • All innovations can be precisely calculated before the test run


Torben Böhme and his team have succeeded in consistently improving existing production processes and making them more sustainable. The team achieved success through close collaboration and with a common goal in mind.

What began as a final project to earn a belt quickly developed into a project close to the company’s heart, with several departments working together to leverage their strengths.

  • An internal task force was formed for the project
  • Product development, production and site management worked together
  • Precise monitoring was subsequently able to clearly demonstrate the benefits of the project


Chem-Trend uses the footprint to describe the company’s own environmental footprint. The footprint includes water consumption, C0² emissions, waste production and recycling and is remeasured every year. Global results are being published in a yearly Sustainability Report.

Our story gives an example about how the Norderstedt production site was able to reduce its footprint with regard to waste production.

  • In the Norderstedt production facility 12.7% of production waste was eliminated
  • At peak times, there were even reductions in production waste of between 50% and 70% at individual plants
  • CO2 emissions were reduced by 36 tons per year thanks to the lower consumption of solvents.
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