October 30, 2018

Zyvax® TakeOff™: Revolutionary release agents key to aerospace industry’s sustainability trends

Benefits of Chem-Trend’s composites mold release system available to manufacturer’s third-party vendors

Chem-Trend, a global leader in the development, production and marketing of high-performance release systems, purging compounds and other ancillary moulding and casting products is advancing its Zyvax® range of release agents that are developed to address the moulding needs of premium aerospace composites materials. Following the successful development of the release agent Zyvax® Take-Off, which has been granted IPS 12-02-002-03 certification, Chem-Trend now brings Zyvax® 1070W, a new, revolutionary water-based, silicone-free release agent that is formulated for easy and quick application through a spray-on or wipe-on method and let-dry process.a

Zyvax® TakeOff™ certified for third-party vendors

Zyvax® TakeOff™ has been enabling the use of lightweight thermoset and thermoplastic composites in aircraft bodywork and components directly since its launch in 2015. Zyvax® TakeOff™ is ideal for aircraft application because it is specifically formulated to work on extremely large epoxy moulded parts. Zyvax®TakeOff™ is a water-based, semi-permanent release agent that is suitable for all resin systems in advanced composite moulding and requires a minimal number of coats, each of which dries quickly.

As a water-based release agent, Zyvax® TakeOff™ exceeds the most demanding environmental safety requirements and provides employees a more pleasant plant environment. Another distinct advantage of Zyvax® TakeOff™ is its ability to be applied to moulds at varying temperatures, which reduces the downtime required for mould cooling compared to solvent-based products. It has been certified with IPS 12-02-002-03 by a renowned manufacturer for epoxy application up to 200 °C – thereby extending its advantage to the production lines of its third-party vendors.

When used on high-quality invar steel mould surfaces in aerospace and other epoxy prepreg applications, this release agent generally does not require a sealer, however primers or sealers are recommended for composites tools and to extend mould productivity. Additionally, there is very low transfer of the release agent to the moulded part. That significantly reduces, post-moulding cleaning processes prior painting or gluing.

Zyvax® 1070W revolutionises application and tool clean-up in advanced composites moulding processes

Chem-Trend’s latest addition to his release mould range – Zyvax® 1070W – cuts aerospace composites moulding tool prep time from hours to minutes and is especially effective for vacuum bagged and autoclave moulding of epoxy carbon fibre prepreg. According to Chem-Trend’s business development manager – Composites Sam Dethloff: “The attributes of release agent Zyvax® 1070W provide significant advantages, which aerospace moulders can leverage to improve a wide range of processes, be it for mold prep, mold cleaning or post-mold part preparations.”

Zyvax® 1070W non-hazardous, non-flammable and solvent-free formulation is good for employees and for the bottom line. Dethloff added: “Energy savings are achieved through reductions in processing time, product application processes, tool clean-up waste, emissions and improved work environments.” The technology embedded into Zyvax® 1070W is highly effective, leading to more efficient composite moulding processes and allowing optimized results that meet the increasing demands of the lightweight movement.

Manufacturers across marine, rail and automotive sectors are increasingly using composite materials to gain the economic advantages seen in the aerospace industry. Chem-Trend exhibits at the Composites Europe in hall 7, stand D05.

For more information, watch the video about our new revolutionary mould release agent Zyvax® 1070W for aerospace composites.

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