October 3, 2019

Zyvax® TakeOff™ Release Agent

Propelling the next generation of sustainable aerospace part manufacturing.

Water-based. Low VOC. Semi-permanent.

From Chem-Trend’s innovative Zyvax® portfolio of release agents, Zyvax® TakeOff™ is a revolutionary product specifically formulated to work on extremely large epoxy moulded parts in aircraft application.

Quicker, cleaner, and certified for manual and spray-on application — it’s a game-changing advantage for aerospace manufacturing production lines.

Semi-permanent and suitable for all resin systems, Zyvax® TakeOff™:

  • Requires a minimal number of coats and cures rapidly
  • Exceeds the most demanding environmental safety requirements
  • Can be applied to moulds at varying temperatures
  • Rarely requires sealer when used on high-quality invar steel mould surfaces

Zyvax® TakeOff™ decreases the downtime required for mould cooling compared to solvent-based products. Its very low transfer of the release agent to moulded parts significantly reduces post-moulding cleaning processes prior to painting or gluing.

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Chem-Trend’s innovative Zyvax® portfolio of products offers composites moulders with advanced technology, application ease, and extreme value for the aerospace industry.

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