October 5, 2022

Purging compounds for faster colour changes and lower scrap rates due to black specks

For injection moulding machines and extruders, the shutdown and restart procedures present a particular problem. This also applies to material or colour changes. These processes can produce carbonised deposits and other residues that result in tiny inclusions (black specks) in the final product. The consequences are serious: due to these product defects, the quantity of rejects increases rapidly, the productivity decreases accordingly, and machines may have to be stopped. Also, the need of manual cleaning is very cost- and resource-intensive.

Full cleaning ensures stable production

Such consequences can only be prevented by completely cleaning the machine: it is important to remove deposits in good time so that black specks cannot form. To ensure this happens, innovative purging compounds are necessary. The use of Ultra Purge™ purging compounds from Chem-Trend is well-proven. Ultra Purge™ purging compounds can be used during the shutdown and start-up of machines and extruders. Cleaning of screw, cylinders and hot runners with Ultra Purge™ also removes carbonised deposits from the system, which can cause black specks even hours after production has resumed.

The whole process is illustrated in a recent video

Background information on Ultra Purge™ products

Chem-Trend’s Ultra Purge™ products support various processes such as blow moulding, extrusion, and injection moulding (including hot runner systems). The highly effective purging compounds have been developed for example for the production of plastic parts for the automotive industry, for caps and closures, household articles, packaging material as well as for medical components made of plastic.

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