July 6, 2018

New release agent from Chem-Trend aids rapid residue removal from assembly and clamping jigs

Chem-Trend, a world market leader in developing and manufacturing high-performance release agentspurging compounds and other agents for molding, presents a new product for instant cleaning of assembly and clamping jigs in rubber-metal parts production. The highly efficient release agent Chem-Trend® PM-J5525Wensures rapid, easy removal of adhesion promoter residues.

Adhesion promoter stains on clamping devices, tools and sheeting (jigs) pose a great challenge in rubber-metal composite parts production. Removing dirt and residues is usually an arduous task that requires a long interruption in the production process. Strong adhesive properties mean that cleaning is a very costly, time-consuming effort.

Chem-Trend has now developed a new release agent to remove adhesion promoter residues quickly and easily. This agent reduces machine downtime for cleaning significantly. Before starting production, Chem-Trend® PM-J5525W is applied to the pre-heated, clean jig and then burnt into the jig at a temperature of 130 degrees celsius. Once the jig cools down, the product process can begin and the jig can then be removed  for cleaning. At this point, adhesion promoter residue can be easily detached. Once cleaning is complete, the jig is placed back into the machine and coated with the Chem-Trend® PM-J5525W release agent again before the new production cycle starts.

The efficiency of the release agent results in savings on manufacturing costs while also reducing workload and downtimes. Cleaned jigs improve work safety and process stability as well. Cleaning with solvents or sand-blasting is no longer necessary.

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