April 22, 2021

Chem-Trend strengthens customer proximity in the Czech Republic by founding a company in Prague

Chem-Trend, a global market leader in the development and production of high-performance release agents, purging compounds and other specialised process chemicals, has founded a subsidiary in the Czech Republic on 1st April 2021: Chem-Trend CZ s.r.o., also opening an office in Prague. Taking this step is in line with Chem-Trend’s goal to further improve the company’s proximity to its local distribution partners and customers in the Czech Republic in future. This includes all industries which Chem-Trend serves.

“The demand for specialised process chemicals continues to rise around the world, and we have also noticed this development in the Czech Republic. Consequently, founding the subsidiary Chem-Trend CZ s.r.o. is a systematic step towards tailoring our solutions even more to the demand of the local market. We want to provide our local distribution partners and customers in the Czech Republic with an even more targeted service in future and continuously improve these services,” says Radek Štourač, Managing Director Sales at Chem-Trend CZ.

The company, which is specialised in release agents, purging compounds and other process chemicals, would like to support regional distribution partners even more in the direct approach to customers in the future. Chem-Trend’s customised solutions will be offered to customers in the Czech Republic in the fields of Die Casting, Polyurethane, Thermoplastics, Rubber processing, Tyre manufacturing, Friction linings, as well as Composites and Wood Composites.

Radek Štourač and Markus Murmann were appointed as managing directors of the new subsidiary, Chem-Trend CZ s.r.o.. Štourač, who is already active as European Sales Manager for Polyurethane and Wood Composites at Chem-Trend, will be managing all the sales activities. Meanwhile Murmann is responsible for the financial and administration divisions. Furthermore, he will retain his position as General Manager of Finance, Administration & Technology at Klüber Lubrication CZ s.r.o., which, like Chem-Trend, is part of the Freudenberg Chemical Specialities (FCS) Group. Chem-Trend CZ has moved into a shared office in Prague with Klüber Lubrication CZ, which has been an independent company there since 2000. This will enable the two FCS sister companies to leverage synergies more effectively in future.

“Our strong focus on the needs of our customers and intensive efforts in research and development has led us to become one of the most reliable partners worldwide for process chemicals. In future, we aim to move even closer to our local distribution partners and customers all over the world. By opening a company in the Czech Republic with an office in Prague, we are pursuing this goal across the country,” says Paul McGill, Executive Sales Director Europe at Chem-Trend.

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