March 12, 2024

Chem-Trend Unveils More Sustainable, Next-Gen Tire Molding Solutions at Tire Technology Expo 2024

Chem-Trend, a member of the Freudenberg Chemical Specialities Group, will be showcasing at the Tire Technology Expo in Hanover from March 19th to March 21st, 2024. Their extensive portfolio, encompassing a variety of products such as inside and outside paints, bladder coatings, mold coatings, and tire uniformity rim lubes, serves as evidence of the company’s dedication to innovation and quality within the tire industry.

Chem-Trend takes great pride in being an innovative leader ahead of regulations, offering a comprehensive range of products formulated without per- and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds (PFAS) and sourcing safer silicones used in ongoing product development. Creating a healthier environment for all those who have a role within the manufacturing and use the technology is a primary objective for global research and development teams.

Amanda Pugh, Chem-Trend’s global VP of marketing and technology explains, “our road map wasn’t just to be sustainable for the sake of it. We have better products that go along with that effort. So, when we think about sustainability, we’re not just thinking about reducing our CO2 footprint, but we also want to make the industry better, and we want to give our customers better choices.”

This dedication to corporate responsibility has been recognized with the prestigious EcoVadis Gold rating in 2023, highlighting Chem-Trend’s efforts to develop and source environmentally conscious products.

“Chem-Trend’s commitment to the tire market extends beyond responsible product development. Our footprint allows us to serve manufacturers with local resources, technical support, and production facilities,” said Shakti Guariar, global business development director, tire. “This is a huge advantage, particularly in times of supply chain issues and disruptions. By partnering with Chem-Trend, our customers can achieve peak performance, productivity gains, and ultimately, cost savings.”

The company is also evolving its product solutions to meet the complexities of modern tire design and vehicle electrification. With decades of experience delivering high performing tire paints and coatings to global tire manufacturers, Chem-Trend is primed to lead in this changing landscape. Newer technologies developed through substantial market knowledge and collaboration, meet post-curing challenges such as laser cleaning and adherence of materials like foam for noise dampening. The latest product advancements address the differentiated specifications of an electric vehicle tire, including design and shape, self-sealants in puncture-proof tires, and incorporation of sensor technologies.

At the Tire Technology Expo, Chem-Trend’s experts will be available to discuss how latest advancements in tire paints, release agents, and coatings can benefit production processes. Attendees are encouraged to visit Chem-Trend at Hall 20, Stand 4006 for insights into enhancing tire manufacturing.

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