November 10, 2020

Chem-Trend successful in France for 50 years

Munich, 10th November 2020 – Chem-Trend, a global leader in the development and production of high-performance release agents, purging compounds and other ancillary moulding products, is currently celebrating the 50th anniversary of its company in France. From Entzheim in Alsace, Chem-Trend supports its customers throughout France and beyond with innovative solutions in France, the Benelux, Spain, Portugal and North Africa.

“Since our foundation, Chem-Trend have focused on continuously optimising solutions for the moulding industry. Our global research & development enables us to improve the future of manufacturing processes. I am delighted that this approach has made us a market leader in France as well as worldwide. We are focussed to continue offering our customers exceptional services in the future,” says Pascal Botzong, Managing Director of Chem-Trend France.

Chem-Trend France was started in 1970 with a branch near Paris. Following steady growth of the international company, it was integrated into the Freudenberg Group in 2004. In 2009 Chem-Trend moved to Entzheim near Strasbourg. From there, a branch office was also opened in Valencia, Spain, in 2013 to support sales in Spain and North Africa. Today, the headquarters in Entzheim serves customers in the fields of composites, die-casting, thermoplastics and rubber processing, polyurethanes, friction, tyres and rotational moulding.

Focus on innovative solutions and customer centricity

Chem-Trend France supports its customers in almost every sector of the processing industry and has built up a strong market presence worldwide. The steady growth over half a century confirms the entity’s approach in France to consistently place innovative and customer-oriented solutions at the centre of all activities. In line with the strategic orientation of the global company, the French company offers its customers comprehensive support on site, with a close R&D center and a production plant in Europe. Since its foundation, the company has also maintained two large warehouses, one of which is now located in the Strasbourg region and the second in the Barcelona area since 2009.

Managing Director Pascal Botzong, who has been working for Chem-Trend in France since 33 years, has been in charge of the French site since its integration into the Freudenberg Group in 2004. He has extensive knowledge of the market and its requirements. “When a company has positioned itself in a competitive environment for over half a century, that speaks for itself. A decisive factor in the success of Chem-Trend is our employees, who keep an eye on our customers’ business and their every day challenges. We see ourselves as agents of change and are passionately committed to helping shape the future of the manufacturing industry,” says Botzong.

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