May 4, 2018

Chem-Trend publishes online catalog for its Lusin® mould maintenance products for thermoplastics processing

Chem-Trend, a global market leader for developing and manufacturing high-performance release agentspurging compounds and other process chemical specialties has for the first time published an online catalog for its Lusin® mould maintenance products. It is available in English and German, and it covers related maintenance products from Chem-Trend.

Find the English-language online catalog here: ONLINE CATALOGUE

Mold maintenance products combine to form a complete system

The new catalog makes it possible to get a quicker and more extensive overview of all Chem-Trends mold maintenance products. The interactive approach with hyperlinks makes it easier to navigate the catalog. The links to other websites, some via QR codes, and references to videos make for an optimized overview and better user experience. Links to contact forms on the Chem-Trend websites ensure that users can reach the right contact person at Chem-Trend.

Chem-Trend mold maintenance products for greater efficiency and lower costs

Chem-Trend mold maintenance products keep injection molds in optimal condition, increase process efficiency and lengthen the lifespan of important production investments. Products complement one another in the complete system, thereby contributing to numerous advantages as part of regular maintenance routines.

Three categories of maintenance products

The catalog encompasses the three categories in which Chem-Trend provides mold maintenance products:

  • Cleaning and degreasing agents to remove deposits.
  • Anticorrosion agents to help keep molds and tools in optimal condition even when stored over long periods.
  • Lubricants that keep moving parts from seizing up or jamming.

In addition, by using all available product groups, synergies can be realized for plastic processing companies, which are not evident when only one product group is used.

Cleaning and degreasing agents make it possible to remove deposits

The Lusin® Clean products remove deposits without harming surfaces. Contaminants on the surfaces of molds, for instance due to paints, additives, waxes, oils, greases and polymer residues can easily be removed using the cleaning agents. This prevents defective parts due to contamination and molds from being damaged, resulting in better surface quality. Mold cleaners dissolve polymers, whereas degreasers remove deposits such as oils, waxes and pastes. For precision spraying applications, Lusin® cleaners are available in aerosols.

Anticorrosion agents help to ensure the optimal protection of molds and tools

Corrosion and oxidation have a negative effect on parts in production and destroy the surfaces of molds and tools. Corrosion-protection agents are used to keep molds and tools in optimal condition even when stored. This is where Lusin® Protect products come into play: the anticorrosion agents are used wherever metallic surfaces have to be protected from corrosion and oxidation.

The Lusin® protective agents are easy to apply and protect metallic surfaces from water, oxygen and other corrosive substances, and they keep equipment clean and functional.

Lusin® Lub lubricants keep moving parts from seizing up or jamming

Lusin® Lub lubricants are used to ensure long term performance from mold ejector pins, slides and threaded components helping to prevent moving parts from seizing up or jamming. Special thermally-stable lubricants are developed particularly for ejector pins. These specialist lubricants stay on the pins and do not transfer during processing. Depending on the particular product, Lusin® lubricants are available as aerosols, tubes and cans, are durable and generally very economical to use.

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