March 7, 2018

Chem-Trend Provides Innovative Solutions for Electromobility in Vehicles

Chem-Trend, a global leader in the development, production and marketing of high-performance release systemspurging compounds, and other ancillary molding and casting products, is leveraging its advanced die cast and composite technologies to help automotive partners make electric vehicles and light weighting for fuel efficiency a reality. Using lighter components allows long range e-mobility and greater efficiency for electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and fuel cell cars. Lighter components are also relevant for high performance sports cars and fuel-efficient combustion engine cars for improved gas mileage.

John Belyk, Business Development Director – Die Cast, Chem-Trend, commented: “Chem-Trend’s advanced solutions are essential to creating specific components for electric vehicles as well as other vehicle platforms. Our technologies are used in the manufacturing process of net-shape lightweight structural aluminum castings, which often replace typical steel components in these segments to improve fuel economy, range and prolonged battery life.”

To support the net-shape lightweight structural aluminum casting manufacturing process, Chem-Trend’s Die Cast segment recently introduced:

  •  HERA™ (High-Efficiency Release Agent) line: These water-based micro-spray die lubricant agents, used for this high pressure die cast, are specifically designed with the excellent release, flow and die protection properties required for the casting of highly aggressive alloys used in the lightweight structural aluminum castings. HERA’s high-efficiency properties support increased processing rates, extended tooling life, post cast processing (painting, cathodic coating, welding and adhesive bonding) and improved part integrity.
  • Advanced water-based plunger lubricants: Chem-Trend develops and produces these lubricants to improve a casting manufacturing facility’s Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) efforts through their low flame and low smoke properties. These technologies have a dramatic positive impact on a facility’s indoor air quality. Chem-Trend’s specialized chemistries result in less gas entrapment in critical structural castings which is paramount for a finished part’s structural integrity.

Amanda Pugh, Business Development Director – Rubber and Composites, Chem-Trend commented:

“Composite materials are increasingly being considered for automotive applications to reduce the overall weight for vehicles, whether they are electric or traditional combustion engines. The main advantages are strength and lightweight along with flexibility in design.”

Chem-Trend’s Composites product line offers advanced solutions designed for manufacturing several automotive composite parts focused on e-mobility and fuel efficiency:

  • Chemlease® 5097W: A revolutionary water-based, silicone-free release agent is formulated for easy and quick application through a spray-on and let-dry or wipe-on and let-dry application process. This product provides easy tool clean up, eliminating the need for aggressive cleaning processes.
  • Chemlease® MPP 2684W: A 2017 Chem-Trend Innovation Award winner, this newly developed water-based, semi-permanent mold primer is formulated for priming various types of tooling substrates. As a water-based solution, it significantly lowers VOCs, odor and provides HSE improvements. It’s an excellent priming material that can be used to resurface molds, prepare the surface of the tool to accept the release system layers included in the sealer and release agent topcoats, extend useful tool life as well as other economic advantages.
  • Chemlease Sealer 2739: This newly developed semi-permanent mold sealer is designed for easy application through a one-step, wipe-on and let-dry method. This new technology allows for a slow evaporation rate with a rapid cure time, providing greater application efficiency for minimized over-application and reduced material consumption and waste.

Please find more information on Chem-Trend’s innovative technology for Die Cast and Composites Molding.

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