October 17, 2022

Chem-Trend & Deurowood join forces to offer a superior source of advanced technology and service for engineered-wood applications worldwide

Late last year, Chem-Trend acquired the Deurowood business and its global product portfolio of additives for paper impregnation and wood composite processing through a reorganization within the Freudenberg Chemical Specialities’ company holdings.

Both Chem-Trend and Deurowood have been ingrained in the world of wood composite manufacturing for decades, with Chem-Trend’s primary focus on the development and manufacturing of high-performance release agents for wood fiber pressing applications. The Deurowood portfolio is comprised of chemical additives, hardeners, pigment dispersions, and scavenger technologies primarily used in the processing of decorative paper to achieve the desired surface characteristics of wood composite-based laminates.

Through this collaboration, wood composite manufacturers around the world can tap into one supplier organization to leverage high-value benefits, including:

  • Access to a comprehensive portfolio of high-performing process and functional chemical specialties and additives designed for a broad range of engineered-wood applications
  • Increased reach and accessibility of Deurowood® brand products with newly established distribution avenues in both North America and China
  • Dedicated customer service and support from an expanded network of wood-composite sales and technical expertise with local language competence
  • Improved speed to market with efforts to localize Deurowood product manufacturing, already underway in the US

“The integration of Deurowood, and its prominent brand name, brings a welcomed expansion of paper impregnation and wood composite chemicals to our portfolio, aligning with our high standards for premium technology development,” said Devanir Moraes, CEO of Chem-Trend. “We believe our current and future customers will benefit greatly from the added expertise and improved accessibility of such high-quality products.”

“Being part of the Freudenberg Group, and joined with Chem-Trend specifically, simply makes sense,” said Guenther Tappeiner, managing director, Deurowood. “We see the same commitment to sustainability, quality, and innovation demonstrated in Chem-Trend’s approach to R&D, and our customers benefit greatly from an expanded manufacturing and distribution footprint.”

All prior Deurowood activities regarding customer service, technical support, ordering, deliveries and invoicing for North America and China were transferred from former distribution partners to regional Chem-Trend entities. Local Technical Sales Managers for the Deurowood product portfolio, Zuzana Martin – North America, and Doris Zhou – China, remain in their current responsibilities. For all other regions, Deurowood activities (incl. contacts) regarding customer service, technical support, deliveries, and invoicing remain unchanged.

To learn more about Deurowood® brand products, click here.

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