November 14, 2019

Chem-Trend and SurTec at EUROGUSS 2020, Hall 7A, Stand 7A-110

Chem-Trend presents die casting solutions at the EUROGUSS from 14-16.1.2020
High-performing and efficient together

Chem-Trend and SurTec present new innovative solutions for the die casting industry

Die cast components are becoming increasingly complex and the requirements on their performance ever greater, while demands for more sustainable production processes continue to increase. At each step of the production process, specialized process chemicals ensure that the components have been perfectly prepared for their respective purposes. When coordinated precisely, these process chemical specialty materials have an enormous influence on process efficiency. Together for the first time, SurTec and Chem-Trend, two affiliates of the Freudenberg Group, will present innovative products at a joint trade fair stand at EUROGUSS 2020. Customers of both companies benefit from the close cooperation between the companies in research and development and from their high standards for top-quality, environmentally-conscious products for a more sustainable production process.

“We are seeing an increasing need on the market for aluminum die casting alloys that are extracted from the molds with customer-tailored Chem-Trend mold-release agents. Afterwards, the modern, water-based high-performance cleaners from SurTec remove the release agents without leaving residues and optimally preparing the components for further processing,” explains Dr. Jens Krömer, SurTec’s director of global business development automotive. “The affiliated companies Chem-Trend and SurTec have already been collaborating successfully on this sort of coordinated technologies for several years. One example such cooperation is a research project that was conducted in April of this year in collaboration with Braunschweig University, which investigated in-depth the influence of the release agent on the cleaning and coating process.”

New aqueous cleaning systems from SurTec

High-performance cleaning agents, together with metal pre-treatment and functional and decorative electroplating constitute SurTec’s core areas of expertise. At EUROGUSS the surface technology specialist will present its latest developments in the field of aqueous cleaning systems and will demonstrate how SurTec provides users with comprehensive advice and support for each and every cleaning step within the production process.

Complete chromium(VI) substitute from SurTec

Another main focus of the trade fair is the development of chromium(VI)-free conversion products for aluminum alloys that meet all relevant requirements and specifications of the automotive and aerospace industries. The technological benchmark in this respect is SurTec 650 for the pre-treatment of light alloys. This REACH-compliant technology sets standards for excellent self-corrosion protection, improved paint adhesion and adhesive bonding, weldability and a low electrical surface resistance. The new generation of chromium(VI)-free processes is set apart by easy handling, industrial robustness, possibilities for precision process control and especially by optimized process costs while at the same time maintaining extremely stable quality values.

Chem-Trend’s new series of release agents

At EUROGUSS Chem-Trend is introducing a new series of release agents based on newly developed polymers for structural casting applications that demand low porosity levels and high quality surface finishes. The new release agent technology offers outstanding protection from die solder while significantly reducing in-cavity and ex-cavity residues. This extends the service life of casting dies and increases the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of the casting systems.

“Our custom-tailored solutions help die casters to attain the highest process efficiency in an environment with intense competition and to operate more profitably,” explains Darko Tomazic, Chem-Trend’s sales director for Germany. “The high effectiveness of our new formulations ensures excellent external temperature control of the casting die as well as better film formation on hot dies. These effects make it possible to use less release agent and shorter cycle times, which increases the profitability of the foundry.”

A long tradition of innovation

With its new release agent technology, Chem-Trend is continuing a long tradition of trail-blazing innovations for the die casting industry. In 1960 Chem-Trend manufactured the first water-based release agent, and in 1990 the company was the first supplier in its sector to receive the ISO 9001 certification. Chem-Trend’s new and innovative solutions include the development of the innovative and highly efficient HERA™ mold release agent (HERA = High Efficiency Release Agent) for use in micro-sprays, which offers numerous advantages compared with customary release agents and attains top-quality results using much smaller amounts of release agent.

At EUROGUSS 2020, the specialists from SurTec and Chem-Trend will be available in Hall 7A, Stand 7A-110, to respond to all relevant questions on process optimization and advise users together or individually on the specific challenges in the production process.

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