December 7, 2022

Chem-Trend Acquires Surface Enhancer and Resin Tack from Mold In Graphic Systems® to be the “Go-To” Partner for Rotational Molding

Chem-Trend® is pleased to announce the acquisition of three product lines from Mold In Graphic Systems® (MIGS®) with immediate effect:

  • Surface Enhancer® 360°
  • Surface Enhancer® 360° Prevent
  • Resin Tack Mold-In Adhesive

For over 60 years, Chem-Trend® has been the proven partner for release agents, purging compounds, and other process chemical specialties for molding applications used across a variety of industry segments including die casting, rubber, and thermoplastics to name a few. No matter the industry or application, Chem-Trend technologies are designed to be among the highest performing, most efficient, and sustainable products on the market.

Today, the authentic Surface Enhancer® 360° and Resin Tack products developed for rotational molding applications are now available and sold within Chem-Trend’s global network, with Surface Enhancer® 360° Prevent available only in Europe.

New customers of these product lines will receive the original product formulations known and trusted in the marketplace since the early 90’s to improve resin flow and graphic label adhesion. In addition to improved accessibility of products designed exclusively to solve the challenges of rotational molding, manufacturers can now leverage the expertise and local support offered by the Chem-Trend global network.

“The integration of Surface Enhancer® and Resin Tack product lines widens our ability to serve rotational molders by providing a full suite of process aids, including Mono Coat® release agents, that boost production efficiency and quality,” said Samuel Dethloff, vice president, corporate business development, Chem-Trend. “It’s a great value to our customers to be able to come to one place, get exceptional customer service and support along with the knowledge that they are using superior performing products.”

For more information on Chem-Trend’s solutions to the rotational molding industry, please click here.

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