HERA™-Light release agents for minimal quantity spray application in die casting

Suitable for all methods of release agent application
The Application of the release agents HERA™-Light is possible using customary fine spraying tools.

HERA™ – High Efficiency Release Agents by Chem-Trend are the outcome of continuous research and development. These water-based, ready-to-use products are ideally tailored to meet the requirements of the modern die casting industry and are specifically designed for micro spray applications.

The latest generation of high efficiency release agents is now available: HERA™-Light. This further development of HERA™ products offers a completely new alternative to conventional dilution spraying, while still providing the advantages of the established HERA™ quality. HERA™-Light helps die casters increase productivity in many respects while achieving a sustainable reduction in required energy and resources.

Advantages of HERA™-Light
  • Application possible using customary fine spraying tools
  • Excellent coating properties
  • Superior surface finish and structural quality of casting parts
  • Higher output through shorter cycle times
  • Reduction in amount of waste water accrued
  • Reduction in energy and resources used
  • Improved ecological balance
Optimal results guaranteed

An even application of release agent to the mould is required to obtain a consistent high-quality surface finish. Irregularities lead to defective mould parts and hence to scrap. Incorrect spraying further reduces tool lifetime. To prevent all this, Chem-Trend has developed innovative UV responsive formulation for the HERA™ product series which help ensure results through appropriate application.

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