Sustainability is a natural part of the Chem-Trend philosophy, and it has been since our founding in 1960. This was before the term “sustainability” had even been coined. Throughout our history, we have remained firmly committed to developing technologies that support our customers’ desire for better efficiency and more sustainable manufacturing — all while continuously focusing on the sustainability of our own operations.

Our Latest Report

Since our founding in 1960, we have always focused on the ideals of sustainability. We continue to aspire to not only minimize our impact, or Footprint, on the environment, but also to leverage our expertise and innovation capability to maximize our customers’ sustainability, which becomes our Handprint. In this latest edition of Chem-Trend’s Sustainability Report, we share with you our commitment to sustainability told through the voices of our global sustainability team members. View or download the Chem-Trend Sustainability Report.

“Our global goal is to reduce Waste Generation to 4% of total production volume by 2025. Discover how our German site is playing a vital role in achieving our objective.”

How can we make our production more sustainable? How can we sustainably reduce production waste?

Find out more about this exciting project in the video.

Footprint & Handprint

Minimizing our Footprint

Our Footprint relates directly to our operations around the globe: our facilities, our offices, the safety of our people, the raw materials we use, the waste we create, and the logistics we leverage to get materials and supplies to and from our facilities to our customers. In essence, our Footprint is how our business activity impacts people and the planet.

At Chem-Trend, we take a very proactive approach to minimizing our sustainability Footprint. Our global Sustainability team’s strong culture of responsibility drives us to continually look for ways to improve our own operations and our effect on the environment.

Maximizing our Handprint

Along with the internal, or Footprint, KPIs, we are keen to actively enhance the sustainability of our customers, or Handprint. To facilitate this, we created our own Sustainability Scorecard, which we use to determine if newly developed products will contribute to overall sustainability goals. This scorecard looks at both angles of the process. It weighs the benefits of enhanced product performance and safety for our customers with the potential environmental impact of our own production operations. If aspects of the new product are not positive, then we will not invest in its development.

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