Lusin® Alro LL 261 Silicone-Free Release Agent

Renowned release quality based on over 60 years of development experience
Thermoplastics laboratory

Semi-permanent coating / release for mould temperatures up to 260°C.


Lusin® Alro LL 261 is the release agent of choice for all thermoplastic processors who are looking for a reliable solution that is suitable for use in a wide range of applications. The product can be applied on very hot mould temperatures of up to 260°C. After the evaporation of the solvent Lusin® Alro LL 261 appears as a dry white film that shows excellent release and sliding properties. It does not cause any oily transfer on the finished parts and allows for post moulding treatments such as painting, printing and gluing.

The product should be applied to a clean mould. For cleaning the mould, we recommend the use of Lusin® Clean L 23 F or Lusin® MC1718. For degreasing the mould, we recommend the use of Lusin® Clean L 11 or Lusin® Clean L 51.

What is it?

  • Release agent for sticky polymers like TPE, TPU
  • Release agent for PA6, PA 6.6 with high content of glass fibre
  • No oil transfer on the finished part
  • Post-moulding treatment of the parts (painting, glueing etc.) possible

Lusin® Alro LL 261 is also suitable for the following niche applications:

  • Lubrication of aluminium profiles for industrial frame saw
  • Release agent for extrusion machines – prevents the polymer from sticking to the extrusion head
  • Dry lubrication for dusty environment (wood industry)

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